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Japanese food, Sake and Bourgogne wine

When I was a young cook and I was very poor, 
I spent all my time working in the kitchen, I dreamt of travelling to far away places, but it was an impossible fantasy.
So, I spent all my time learning different cuisines from the ground up.

First, I learner the philosophy and culture, and then I went and learned at the places I wanted to study the real way, "The path".

I grew up and saw the world.

I became obsessed with being able to show places through my food, anywhere in the world, although people may have never actually been there, creating a sensory experience.

That sends people to places to places never explored,

Or maybe they have, without leaving their chair at Oasis.

This is what I do.

I bring your dreams and longings to you.

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Chef Orel Kimchi

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Chef Roy Soffer


Chef Ryo Suehiro


"Kiosk Universal" Evening


"2 Nights 2 Masters" Evening

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Chef Chris Golding


Montefiore 17

Tel-Aviv, Israel

TEL : 03.6206022


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Mon - Fri: 7pm - 11pm


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