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Japanese food, Sake and Bourgogne wine

16 - 17 of August

Two evenings of exceptional Japanese cuisine 
With our beloved Chef Ryo Suehiro and Chef Rima Olvera

A duet of dedication and respect of two masters, 
Along with elusive Bourgogne wines and finest sakes.

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I've been obsessed with Japanese culture, art, and food since I was a tiny kid.
I didn't understand, nor did my Grandparents who were Asian art collectors, how at 5 years old, I could go into a gallery and immediately could pick out the most precious and valuable piece in the gallery.

Later, as I grew up, I understood I have the ability to walk between different worlds.
I spent many lifetimes in Japan, and I remember pieces of each life.
What makes me value Japanese Cuisine above all others, is the level of training, respect, and precision that goes into each dish- 
The awe and connection with nature and the seasons and what belongs to each one- in perfect harmony.

I strive to keep that philosophy in my food, whether cooking Japanese food or any other.

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Chef Ryo Suehiro and I became friends
the instant we met.
Our feelings about food and of the respect that is required for the ingredients and for the people who eat the finished food, was a connection that was absolutely synchronized.
Chef Ryo is one of the very best chefs
I have ever seen, and that is a lot.

His training, background, experience, and blazing passion and talent combine to make a chef who is not merely a "Chef", but a Master.
In 22 years of living in Israel, I never met a true Master Chef of Japanese cuisine until I met Chef Ryo.

When you taste his food, you will understand the depth and spirituality that tasting food
prepared by a master truly is.
We will prepare your dinner
with respect, energy, and love.
To give your heart happiness

and your body strength.



Montefiore 17

Tel-Aviv, Israel

TEL : 03.6206022


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Mon - Fri: 7pm - 11pm


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